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Versalife. Tech Talk

For my upcoming album Manifold as Versalife on (2020 vision), Meoko magazine asked me to make a self produced studio vlog for the first time of my life. I dedicate it to the Elektron Digitone and Nord Drum that are currently on my desktop. It's just a simple live jam showing you how I use these synths side by side. Small setups are very inspirational and very effective and I hope I can inspire you to do this also in the near future. I go a little more in dept on the Digitone's functionality. I've added info slides along the way to further explain details. It's a first attempt to make a simple educational inspirational studio video. No Hollywood ambitions were involved. Thanks for watching and please put your love and hate in the comment section. If you talk ugly, the internet cops will come after you so please keep it positive. Much love.