I'm shapeshifting from place to place, bending time, curving space


Sound Synthesis Channel

Keith Farrugia aka Sound Synthesis is family, we fallen in love with his music since first time we listened his first track and when we met in Malta we have to luck to be with Keith for some days, also with Neil aka Acidulant, Daniel aka Mutex and what can we say, Malta is not only a place full of incredible talented musicians but also they are really good people, it is a pleasure to be there with them and we will repeat in the coming years. There is a record that will be always a very special one, Electronic Travellers, a incredible journey with Microlith, and we released it thanks to Keith! this record is possibly one of the best records we released in our label Fundamental Records. There is not need to say last months Keith released a lot of records in different labels, he is at this moment one of the most prolific artists and always he delivers high quality music. Here is some words from Keith: "Well you hit the nail on the head as they say, I do these to give some insight of how the music is made and give people something back from my side. I like to improvise a lot when I work on music so this gives me the time to use this process and record it. Most of them are released at a later stage as well so it gives also some unreleased material to enjoy. Hopefully, I can also make their day a little better. This is the main thing of sharing music for me and if I can inspire someone else to take this direction it makes me really happy. Especially younger artists. I used to and still watch other artists create their music on other channels and I always find inspiration, learn something new by seeing the process! Sharing inspiration is key here I would say! Creating will always make the world a better place!" Here you can check his Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sound-synthesis-official