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Florian Schneider RIP. Tribute

Florian Schneider, demiurge of electro music, co-founder of Kraftwerk, has died at the age of 73. Rest In Peace Master. This is an incredible interview to Florian from 2001, you can see how he laughs under his fake mustache while explaining in really good spanish what Kraftwerk is!! That is what I really never forget about Florian Schneider, his smile. Two times I had the opportunity to be in first line in the 90s and the first impression I had they were super serious but Florian always had a smile for the people, he approached you to the edge of the stage with a big smile inviting you to touch the little machines they had in their hands, today is a most normal gesture, but 25 years ago seeing them play with those tiny machines was something incredible. We will never forget you!



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