Below the photosphere, you are very near. Event horizon. Event horizon. Particles come near and disappear…


Ezzential Electro

Ezzential Electro - 36 Vinyl Records Limited Box 137 Units You can Pre-Order this Limited Edition Box now at very special price only for a limited time. EZZENTIAL ELECTRO This is the biggest project we faced since we started with the first 808 Box. Ezzential Electro is a collection of 36 vinyl records with the collaboration of 36 different artists we consider essential to understand the current electro music movement. This Limited Edition Box is now in pre-order at a very special price only for a limited time, only 137 units. The wooden box includes special versions of the records silkscreen printed in several layers and hand-numbered one by one, also a book that will be available only for the pre-orders. CYGNUS • PATRONEN • DMX KREW • CARL FINLOW • T/ERROR • DAS MUSTER • METACOMPLEX • LUKE EARGOGGLE • KAN3DA • SHAWESCAPE RENEGADE • BRICE KELLY • NEBENPRODUKT • ROEL FUNKEN • VIEWTIFUL JOE • DIBU-Z • ACIDULANT • FRANK KARTELL • MAS2008 • NULLPTR • PROTO vs CODE RISING • KONERYTMI • IXRQ • VEMA DIODES • ALEK STARK and MICROLITH In the next weeks we will update the list until it is complete with the 36 artists involved in the project.