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Mastering is the most most important process when you order a vinyl record.

Said in a very simple way, the aim of mastering process for a vinyl record is to make the groove transmit the information to the needle without any distractions, so the needle can reproduce the information of the groove as faithful as possible to the original master.

In last years we mastered thousands of tracks for vinyl records, our experience mastering for vinyl records in last 20 years and also in the cutting room guarantees the best final sound for your records. 


For the best prices and final result we recommend you to manufacture the records with us, this way you will have a very special price for the mastering process, some times even free of charge, included with your order! (check our price and special offers here).

In case you are only interested in our mastering services here is our price list:

1 Track           70 euro

2-4 Tracks      48 euro each track

5-7 Tracks      40 euro e/t

8 or more        38 euro e/t

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This is a selection of our favourite mastering works made in last years.