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Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, but please have in mind some countries due to the customs and regulations is more difficult, in this case we recommend you to send the records directly to your distributor/s, we are sure some of them are in Europe, this way you will save a lot of shipping money! We can send up to three different addresses in multiples of 50 units with no extra charge for the manipulation. 

In case you are out Europe and you want to send the records to several distributors and record stores please talk with us, we are sure we can find the way.

Delivery Time

Our turnaround is about 16 weeks but at this moment with Covid19 ask us for an estimated delivery time

Some periods could be more, Xmas or Record Store Day, but in that case we will write you with an estimated delivery time. 

What is the minimum order?

300 Units

I need my records for x date...

Sorry but we can't accept deadlines. 

Is a test pressing recommended?

Yes, it is. The test pressing is a previous copy of your record, in fact an exact copy of your final records made with the same metals we will use for your records. This way you can be sure the final records will be perfect, like the test pressing you received. Test pressings is a good way to sleep well while you are waiting for the final records! 

Is a test pressing mandatory? No, you decide if you need it or not, we have many customers that never ordered a test pressing in last 10 years! even we recommend it!

Is better a 180gr. vinyl record?

If we talk about sound, NO. Sound is exactly the same. 

If we talk in term of durability, well, is much more difficult to bend a 180gr. record, that's all!

Can you sell my records at

Yes, please contact with us here:


If you can't find here the answer to your questions please contact with us here: