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BREXIT - UK RESIDENTS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 

Of course we are still sending orders to UK with no problems. There are no extra charges. The only difference is now we have to include an invoice with every order, that is all. 

You can continue shopping with confidence and with the total certainty that your orders will arrive without problem at your address and without extra charges.

BREXIT - UK RESIDENTS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 





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Electro Records is located in a very small village, in the mountains of Madrid, fortunately here we had no cases of the virus but we take very serious the process not only to prepare your packages but also put all records we receive from the distributors and labels in a little quarantine. 

Based on the studio from The New England Journal of Medicine the virus is not viable after 72 hours in plastics and 24 hours in cardboards. We receive the records from distributors and labels is about 2-3 days, as soon as we received we leave the records 2 days more in the boxes and once you send your order the records will take another 2-3 days to be in your hands. You can open the package knowing the records you receive are all virus free, but we still recommend you put the package 24 hours more in quarantine just to be sure that you can manipulate the surface of the box with complete ease.

Hydroalcoholic sanitizing wipe with each order!



Electro Records website is divided in two parts, the vinyl record store specialized in electro music and a parallel initiative we call Electro World. Now this part of the site is under construction but in the future you will have free access by clicking in the right of the header of the website where you can read: Electro World 

In only a few words Electro World is two things: a DATABASE of all electro movement where you can find information about artists, labels, records, djs, etc., and also a place we call Electro World LIVE, a living diary of our music and all people connected to electro where you can talk about your projects, promote your music and your releases, make interviews, premieres, tech talks, etc., and the best of all, it is completely free for everyone.

We can't forget about the people who support our projects, the people who buy our records, this initiative is also created thinking about them.

If you are a record label, artists, dj or just a electro music lover and you are interested in this initiative you have more information and details HERE.



We have a large experience manufacturing vinyl records for many artists and labels and we work with trusted pressing plants in Europe. In last years we mastered hundreds of tracks for vinyl records, our experience mastering for vinyl records in last 20 years and also in the cutting room guarantees the best final sound for your records. Check HERE more information and prices.



The best way to have access to all our catalogue. You have also a very powerfull engine where you can search by artists, labels, genre, record title, reference, etc. 

Electro Records Catalogue + Search Engine



We want to take care of the people who supported our projects in last 10 Years, that is why we created the Electro Club.

You will save a lot of money in every order and you will have access to exclusive records and limited editions. Every time we will release a new project you will be the first to know about it so you will have access to the limited edition copies before anyone and also you will have special prices in all pre-orders. 

Since we started with Fundamental Records 10 years ago we always kept some units of all our releases for "newcomers" and always at the original price. Now all these copies are available at Electro Records, some of them only for Electro Club members.  

To know more about Electro Club HERE



Once your order is complete you will see the shipping price in the basket, every day is more expensive to send even just one record to anywhere but we try to compensate this expense including some items for free if you spend 75 euro or more.

We love vinyl records and pay for the shipment really hurts because it means you can buy less records!

• For orders of more than 75 euro (shipping not included) you can add to your order any of Electro Records T-Shirts for free!* check it HERE
• For orders of more than 250 euro (shipping not included) you can add any item under 12,50 euro, and of course you can add also any of our T-Shirt free of charge!*

* (Bundles, second hand, items with special discount and special offers not included. Also is not included when we already included a free T-Shirt with any box or limited pack.)

>> You only have to send the model and size of the T-Shirt and what item you want to add to your order in the comments section in your order, that easy!


To avoid people who later double or triple the prices in Discogs we limited the buy of any item to only 2 units. This way more people will be able to buy the record at the original price.

If you have a group of friends to save shipping costs then please contact with us here:


Order and paid using any method is completely safe. You can buy with confidence.

The shopping basket area of the site is fully encrypted to ensure the security of all orders. You can view our security certificate by clicking on the padlock icon in your web browser, while in the shopping cart.


All products on the web site show availability using different colors, this way you know the status of each record in a blink:

• Green = In Stock

• Blue = Pre-order

• Orange = Upcoming

• Red = Sold Out

• White Square = When you find the white square this item is only available for Electro Records members. Click HERE if you want to know more about the Electro Club.

We try to ensure that our stock control system is a true mirror of what we really have in stock but occasionally some items will not be available. It is very important that you check your dispatch email to be sure what items you will be receiving. Electro Records does not operate with back or split orders. We try to restock every day but some item could be no longer available from our suppliers. 



For every parcel we send out we use special packaging. Always new cardboard boxes.

For individual vinyl records we always separate the vinyl records from the sleeves (if the record is not shrink-wrapped) and we put both in a new collector plastic bag.

We also use a first plastic skin to be sure the records will never be affected by water or any other liquid in the shipping. Later we add a second skin of bubble warp to protect the records as much as possible in the shipment.

For less than 6 vinyl records we use our sleeve savers boxes, with a special desing to protect for the corners of your records. 

For big packages with more records, limited boxes, etc. we use bubble wrap, foam peanuts inside the boxes and double wall new boxes, we never use second hand boxes.


Local customs may add import duty/local sales tax to your order when delivering. Most countries outside the EU will allow small packages to be delivered without additional charges, but some countries will tax your order (usually at a rate equivalent to your local sales tax) when you receive your parcel. If you are concerned about this, then you should contact your customs office for more information, as you (not Electro Records) will be liable for any such charges.


Once your order request has been submitted you will receive an email confirming your order. This will be followed by another email once your order has been dispatched. It is important that you check this for any out of stock items you will not be receiving.

Orders are despatched in 24 hours every day by first class post or courier (except if you send your order over the weekend). Please note, the delivery times quoted are business days and do not include weekend delivery.

Europe delivery time is usually 3-5 days, for orders out of Europe please check your trackin code, some countries take more days.


All records you can see at Electro Records store are completely new except for the ones you can find in the 2ndHnd site. All records are graded visually unless mentioned otherwise. The pictures in the second hand vinyl records section do not necessarily represent the exact item that is sold.

>>>> Vintage items can’t be returned!

SEALED: Never been opened.

NEW: Never played guaranteed.

MINT: Record looks barely played, or perhaps hasn’t been played at all.

NEAR MINT: Some minor signs might be visible that the record has been played or taken in/out of it’s sleeve but the item is in almost perfect condition and could just as well have been played only a couple of times.

VERY GOOD+: This is still a great looking item! A Very Good Plus record can show some signs that it was played and otherwise handled by a previous owner, the record surfaces may show some signs of wear and may have slight scuffs or very light scratches that don’t affect one’s listening experiences.

VERY GOOD: Same of VG+ but with more visible sings of use. Surface noise will be more evident upon playing, especially in soft passages and during a song’s intro and fade.

GOOD: You can play it through without skipping. It is an okay DJ copy with more surface noise and visible scratches.

POOR: You will never find a poor grade second hand vinyl in our store.