In a broken mirror, there’re many things reflected.

Welcome to the Electro World!

Please take some minutes in calm to read about this initiative. 

This space is now under construction, it will be active very soon but we need your help and collaboration to make this project real.

In only a few words Electro World is two things: a database of all electro movement and also a place where you can promote your music and your releases in a very different way and it is completely free for everyone.

The aim of this space is to create a living diary or the electro movement with interviews, talks about records and technology/machines, premieres, dj sessions, lives, etc. but also we want to create the most complete database about electro music.

Your collaboration is completely essential to make this project real. Electro World is created to grow with your help. Electro World is just a tool that has been created to be updated every day thanks to the information that artists, labels, djs, designers, engineers, will send to us in the next days, months, years... You can send information about you own projects but also from other artists, projects, records, etc. and we will add that information to the database immediately. 

There is another element in this equation that sometimes is not taken into account, the audience, the people who support the records released every week, sharing all the information on their social networks but also paying for each of the records. This initiative is also open to the people who support our projects in the shadow, lovers of electro music, who want to contribute with their knowledge to make Electro World something that goes beyond the artist's name, the title of the song and the name of the tracks.

Electro World is divided in two sections:  Electro World Database  and  Electro World Live 


Electro World DATABASE

The goal of this part of the project is create a database of the worldwide electro movement where you will find all the info, bio, links, picture, videos, etc. about all artists, labels, djs, even designers, producers, engineers, label owners, etc. Everyone, not only artists or labels, can send information to complete the Electro World database.


First, you can start right now sending your artist name, bio, info about your projects (maybe something more deep about recent/last projects), about your music, label/s, etc. Also send your Soundcloud, Facebook, your personal website, etc. and also a picture (808x808 dpi) This way we can start with the most important, your basic data. 

Second round, later you can send information of other parallel projects you are involved, maybe compilations where you were part with other artists and record labels. Also if you are working as engineer, designer, illustrator, etc. There are a lot of information we can add with no problem, so you can extend it as long as you need. 

Third round. Once you send your info and also the info of other parallel projects, is time to send information of other artists and their works. Also, If you think you can help sharing the information of this initiative to all your friends please do it. You can send the link of this website to all of them, if you share this project and this website it will be a BIG help to make it grow faster and bigger. 

In case you want to contribute to this initiative but you are not a musician or label owner you can do it following the last three steps, just try to send all information about one artist or project at the time, we will add this information to the database immediately.

Please do not use Facebook messenger, Soundcloud, etc. to send the information or contact with us, use only the email you can find below. This way we can update the database immediately or contact with you and you with us with no delays and this way answer all questions as fast as possible. 

As you can imagine, this part of the project is endless just for the fact that tomorrow we will release a new record, a new project with other artists, a new label, etc. This part of the website is something completely alive. You only have to send the info, we will check it and then we will add it in the next 24-48 hours. That easy! 

Later, once the database is open, in case you find any mistake or you want to update anything, you only have to write us and we will fix it immediately. 

Please send you data to this email:  

Remember that all we need for now to start is your basic data and you can start now!

- Artist Name/s

- Bio (you can write all you want, no limit)

- Pictures (800x800 dpi).

- Links to your website, soundcloud, social media, etc.


Electro World LIVE: Let people know YOU

Let me explain where this come from. 

Some of you know I started to write a book about electro music almost twenty years ago, that project mutated to a documentary film only a few years ago, when we had all ready and we had even bought the equipment, all video cams, micros, hds, etc., we decided to stop it because we understood that electro movement is something alive and try to capture its essence writing a book or filming a documentary will end just reflecting what electro movement is in a short period of time for only a few artists, no matter how long and vast the film can be. Electro is something alive that grow in every corner of this planet, every day!

After stopping the documentary film the idea was to create the database but in parallel we want to create also a place that reflects the scene day by day and can grow without limits, a free space where people can talk about their projects, the new releases, labels, machines, etc.

Something we always had in the table is electro music is not only the artists and the labels but also the people who love what we do and support it buying records and paying for the live-shows, etc., so this place needed to be also open to the people who love our music, the audience, our supporters. If you are one of them consider youself as part of this project and have in mind you can contribute to the database but also, for example, talking about the records you love, tracks, sending your dj sessions, etc., and if you have any other thing in mind please write us and let's do it!

We were concerned also about how difficult is for any project to capture the interest of digital media specialized in electronic music. 

After 10 years releasing many big and unusual projects like the 808 Box, Electric Eclectics and Music for The Other People Place, also many albums of different artists you all know very well, we realized we had zero support from the media. If you think about this is very weird that a project like the 808 Box is still something known only for a few. Sincerely we never expected anything from the media, but the truth is we always feel limited due to the scope we could have in some digital media, such as online magazines specialized in electronic music. Ironically you can't be there even if you pay for it! or if you find the way, they will write only a few words about your new project...

We are sure there are good people working in those places that of course love the underground electronic music, we have no doubt, but the big headlines are always for the same and that is very sad because today the quality of the electro music is extraordinary. We are without any doubt in the golden era of electro music and we need/demand more space and more time dedicated to our music. 

After a few months we decided to create a place where artists and labels can share music, new records, new projects, and also their love for this music, a place for the creators but also for their supporters. 

A place with last information about the electro movement directly from the creators but also with the participation of the people who support our music, a place where the distance between creators and supporters/audience is closer than it has been until now.


So what is Electro World?

Electro World offers for first time an open place where you can find all information about electro music and the artists and labels behind the music but also a place to promote and give more exposure to their projects and it is completely free.

But Electro World is also a place where if you are not an artist or a label you can also share your love for this music in different ways. 

First thing you have to know about this is this project is Electro World is open to everybody, no matter if it is your first record or you are starting with your new record label or you are just a electro music lover, in this place we are all equals. You can promote your records for free just sending us an email with all info about your project and what you have in mind, that easy! (as soon as you contact with us, as soon we can start working on it!, meaning right now!)

>>>>>>>>  We want to create a living diary about the actual electro music movement where you can find information about the artists, labels, etc : directly by/from the creators.

>>>>>>>>  Also the supporters/audience can share their love for the records and music sending dj sessions, talking about records, just opening the last records they received. In summary sharing their love for electro music. 

>>>>>>>>  The main purpose of this space is offer an open space for interviews, talk about new projects and records, tech talks, DJ Sessions, live shows, etc. This is all free, open to all of you. The only rule is you have to send it recorded in video.  <<<<<<< <<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>  The goal is to create a living diary of our music, the electro movement, the projects, what we do, a diary of our art. 

Promote your projects talking about you and your music, with no limits.

All information about the artists behind the records and the label owners directly from them, but also the engineers, DJs or even the illustrators or designers behind the artwork of each release. 


Write us with a little info with what you have in mind, we will contact with you in the next 24 hours, here is our email: 


 Thanks in advance for your help and collaboration! 


Alek//Electro Records Crew