Destroy him my robots. Destroy him my robots!


Shadow Mechanic

Fundamental Records
FR018-FREE028     8 Tracks


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Fundamental Records
FR018-FREE022     6 Tracks

Limited Edition 12"

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Physical Sensor

Fundamental Records
FR018-FREE021     6 Tracks

Limited Edition 12"

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Rhys Celeste - Microlith
Rhys Celeste third album released on Fundamental Records. This numbered limited edition pack include also the first three albums Rhys ...


James Stinson Drexciya Interview
Derek Beere sent this phone interview recording that he made of James Stinson back in early 2002 for Future BPM ...

Label Inside

Fundamental Records Headquarter
Old Fundamental Records headquater. Many many records were silkscreen printed here, not only for Fundamental Records, also for many labels. ...